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Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Leinikug Grapefruit Schandy
« Last post by narvin on Today at 07:23:02 AM »
Recommended food pairing: potted meat and a nice rhubarb salad. Or anything that tastes better coming back up

I had to look this one up. Thanks for the gag reflex Jim!

Kegging and Bottling / CO2 Canister Size Limits by State - Tennessee
« Last post by cfgomes1 on Today at 07:01:26 AM »
Hi All -

Moving from CT to TN later this year - have a 10 lb canister that I bought just before 10 lb cans became illegal in CT.  Can I use this canister in Tennessee?  Are there any other CO2 canister limits in Tennessee I need to know about?

Thank you
All Grain Brewing / Re: Bittering with chinook question
« Last post by alestateyall on Today at 06:53:42 AM »
Columbus is definitely a nice medium bite.
Equipment and Software / Re: 3 Beer Bottle Shipping Boxes
« Last post by narcout on Today at 06:46:28 AM »
With shipping, they are about $4.60 each, which seems worth it to me.  I'm going to order some.
All Grain Brewing / Re: Bittering with chinook question
« Last post by HoosierBrew on Today at 06:24:59 AM »
It's all personal preference. I bitter IPAs with Chinook or Columbus (Warrior on the occasion) and like them all. I have an Arrogant Bastard-type beer (bittered with Chinook) on tap now that's anything but abrasive. Each his own.
Googling for "stainless steel machine oil PBW" pulls up several similar stories and a few articles. Seems quite plausible.

Since I always went through a full passivation step with my new stainless gear I ended up with several rounds of cleaning and scrubbing (PBW, TSP, then StarSan). Between that and the initial boil I do to clean my pump loop not much could have survived.

SS BrewTech publishes instructions for cleaning and passivation of a new kettle or BrewBucket that cover this in more detail.
Kegging and Bottling / Re: Mead Bottling
« Last post by pete b on Today at 05:39:22 AM »
Mead is really all about the balance of honey sweetness, acidity, and tannin.
Bottle conditioned meads tend to dry out unless you do something to stop the yeast (eg, pasteurize them).  Honestly, IMO, you probably would do better to get them balanced out right and bottling them still then to crap shoot a back-sweetening/pasteurization scheme.
I agree. To me mead is still as a default. A sparkling mead is kind of its own thing.
Zymurgy / Re: May/June print edition shipping issues
« Last post by mbbransc on Today at 05:02:53 AM »
Arrived pristine in NC. 

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All Grain Brewing / Re: Bittering with chinook question
« Last post by mbbransc on Today at 04:21:31 AM »
Everyone's palate is different, but I find bittering with Chinook to be overly abrasive and harsh. Every IPA I've bittered with Chinook, I struggled to finish the keg. I use Warrior for clean and Columbus for that li'l something extra for all my IPAs now. Save the chinook for dry hopping. Good luck.

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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Here how.....
« Last post by Hand of Dom on Today at 03:29:44 AM »
Looks like Westy to me.

I think Westy uses the same "Trappistenbier" embossed bottles from Westmalle. Why not right? They are using the same yeast!

They do indeed, just without any label.
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