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Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Sulphurous / Egg Smell In Starter
« Last post by Slowbrew on Today at 10:49:19 AM »
I was going to say, basically, the same as Dave.  No worries.

All Grain Brewing / first measured mash pH
« Last post by brewinhard on Today at 10:45:16 AM »
After studying up on Brunwater I finally brewed my first IPA with RO water and added salt additions to the mash and sparge water to hit an estimated 5.3 room temp mash pH. 

After properly calibrating my milwaukee ph meter and cooling to room temps (about 69F), I measured the mash pH at 5.35 after about 15 minutes in the mash.  There was a bit of grain (very small amount) suspended in the sample I took.  I assumed this was a win?  Am I correct in thinking that or should I be working to adjust that reading even more if it happens next time with an acid addition?
The Pub / Re: mountain of mulch requires homebrew
« Last post by homoeccentricus on Today at 10:39:02 AM »
That's a LOT of mulch for a 5 gallon recipe. How much are you going to brew???
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: whole campden tablet
« Last post by jjflash on Today at 09:30:32 AM »
Much easier for me to use potassium metabisulfite powder at 35mg / gallon than to mess with breaking up Campden tablets.  Weigh out the exact amount for every 5 gallon bucket that way.  Costs less also.
I'm told that brass valves do not have this issue because bacteria don't like copper.
One or two of the locusts wouldn't bother me, but I think a bunch could end up there.
I have found more than one bumble bee in the bottom of my brew pot several times when brewing during the summer.  I changed the name of my American wheat to "Bumblebee Wheat" due to this several years ago.  It's never seemed cause any problems.

In the Fall just about every beer has maple tree leaves in them and in the Spring it's maple seeds (the helicopter type).

The Pub / Re: mountain of mulch requires homebrew
« Last post by HoosierBrew on Today at 08:58:30 AM »
Been there done that, man. Might take 2 or 3 liters on a warm day like today.   ;)
The Pub / mountain of mulch requires homebrew
« Last post by Wort-H.O.G. on Today at 08:51:28 AM »
today putting down 10yds of mulch, a.k.a small mountain  ;D

looking forward to the afternoon pils to revitalize me.

Beer Recipes / Re: Sprucey rye saison
« Last post by mbarnaby on Today at 08:44:20 AM »
here is my recipe for a 2.5 gallon batch

4.5lb 2-row
1.0lb rye malt
4.0 oz 10L

4.0 oz spruce tip 60 minute
.25 oz Magnum 30 minute
.25 oz centennial 10 minute

Thanks for sharing. Do you think a decent pale ale could be made with using just the spruce at 60 min similarly to your post? This thread has me rethinking my idea. Sorry...not meaning to hijack.

I have found that the spruce gives a citrusy sweet flavor, I would use some hops to give it a bit of bitterness.  I think some people assume because it is pine it produces a gin/piney like flavor, which it does not. 
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