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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: The unappreciated American Brown Ale
« Last post by dbarber on Today at 08:50:41 AM »
I was looking to grow up some yeast for an American barleywine an this thread inspired me to make an Am. brown this past weekend.  It's busy chugging away in the fermenter right now.
All Grain Brewing / Re: RO Water Chem.
« Last post by hopfenundmalz on Today at 08:49:07 AM »
Not all RO is the same, due to what the feed water has, and how well the membranes are maintained. A TDS meter is a good check, lower TDS means less of the ions got through.

Read this, download the spreadsheet, and you can make the water for the beer you are brewing.

All Grain Brewing / RO Water Chem.
« Last post by Int3lig3ntdzign on Today at 08:40:54 AM »
Hey guys,

         I'm a New England brewer. I work in the Beer Hall (not a brewer) at Harpoon Brewery in Boston where we brew with carbon filtered city water. At home, just north of Boston, I brew with RO water because my cities water reports are very inconsistent. I typically brew pale ales, IPAs, and sours. I use a couple chemicals to treat my water with, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Sulfate, and 10% Phosphoric Acid. I use these because of Gordon Strongs book Modern Home Brewing. He also uses RO and recommend these for the style of beer that I enjoy brewing. I was just throwing this out to everyone so I could hopefully get a couple tips and tricks for RO water brewing from someone who does the same. I appreciate your time everyone!

Love Beer, Love Life
All Grain Brewing / Re: Low Oxygen Brewing Sheet
« Last post by homoeccentricus on Today at 08:18:49 AM »
I'm confused by the way the amount of strike water is calculated/needs to be input. In Beersmith I just add the batch size (amount of water into the fermenter - something else is confusing to me) and the amount of strike water comes out automatically. How should this be done in your spreadsheet? Say the batch volume (water into fermenter or whatever) is 10 (liter or, if you really must, duh, gallon). Sparge and no-sparge if you would be so kind.
If your goal is to continue to grow the club then you may want to think about doing more visible events like a group brew day at a LHBS where potential new members are plentiful or group brewery tours because some pro brewers also homebrew and may be interested in joining.
Equipment and Software / Re: Brewometer
« Last post by erockrph on Today at 08:14:46 AM »
I have a friend who owns a brewpub, and he tried using it in his big commercial cylindroconical fermenter, and it works, but he had to have his iPhone up near the port in the top for it to read properly.  A couple feet away, and no signal. Not surprising, since a steel fermenter is basically a faraday's cage, methinks?

Thanks for sharing this. A Brewometer has been on my periphery since I ferment in kegs now and do everything I can to minimize O2 contact after pitching. A device that monitors fermentation remotely is ideal so I know exactly when to ramp/spund/dry-hop/etc. Unfortunately, it sounds like this device would be tough to connect to from outside of a keg/keezer.

Has anyone here used this while fermenting in kegs?
The Pub / Re: Baseball 2016
« Last post by pete b on Today at 08:06:27 AM »
I'm happy for both teams. I am also happy to see the resurgence these past few years of smaller market franchises like the Royals and Orioles.
As a life long Red Sox fan I have to be rooting for the Cubs. Its a different experience: Cubs fans have put up mostly with lots of truly bad teams and the occasional heartbreak with good teams. For Red Sox fans, especially my generation (I was conceived during the Red Sox "Impossible Dream" 1967 pennant run and am the youngest sibling by 6 years, can't help but believe its related to my parents celebrating a big win, so thanks Yaz!), its been about the close calls and heartbreaks. The Sox have only had maybe 6 or 7 losing seasons in those 48 years.
The downside to winning in 2004 is that you go from a long suffering fan of a heartbreaking team to another A-hole rooting for a big payroll franchise overnight.
Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Anchor Steam - Dry Hopped
« Last post by Frankenbrew on Today at 07:54:51 AM »
I had it in a restaurant just outside of Boston. I thought it was very well done. Like you said, a nice update. It still has the caramel maltiness, but now that our palates have become accustomed to more bitterness, it seems more balanced. It's funny how years ago, even though I liked it very much I thought it was really bitter. Now it doesn't seem bitter at all.
Other Fermentables / Re: Mead: No activity during secondary fermentation
« Last post by pete b on Today at 07:51:17 AM »
I assume your "carboy" is the 1 gallon jug.

The secondary is to get the mead off of the lees, and it will clear more in the secondary. Make sure it is full, so as to keep O2 to a minnimum.

A friend who makes some pretty good mead does a tertiary for some of his.

I really appreciate all the feedback here. One major question is how would I go about filling the empty space in my secondary? Should I add a solution of honey and water? Just plain water?

Also, we did not follow any sort of yeast schedule. As this is our first attempt, we decided to start with something nice and simple before we got more complex increasing risks. Could any of you recommend a good resource to start learning more about mead brewing and things like yeast schedules? Of course I am not opposed to just browsing these forums but it would be nice to have a well rounded resource as a jumping off point.
Get some marbles or glass beads, sanitize, and add to bring the level up.

Get the Compleat Meadmaker by Ken Schramm.


Those are a few.
If you get into making mead its good to get different sized carboys. I have a 15 gallon carboy, and many, many, 6,5,3,2,and 1 gallon. I even will use 1/2 gallon glass milk jars with airlocks so that I have a 5 gal plus 1/2 gal then when I rack I can fill a 5 gal.
I recommend the same reference materials as Jeff.
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: The unappreciated American Brown Ale
« Last post by zwiller on Today at 07:49:35 AM »
Yes, I got pulled too and happy I did!  This beer is just great.  Maybe a little more late hop presence and I would say perfect but I am being REALLY picky.  I will prolly go up a full ounce late instead of 3/4.  Color/malt/body/balance IS perfect.  No way I am changing the Brewers Gold.  I know you guys are fans of C types, but I think the english types just really click in my darker stuff (earthy/leather/spice).  Wifey sampled and gave me the nod, and at my house that means most would not believe I made this beer at home.  As to how close it is to Pete's?  No idea.  I seem to recall Pete's was more bitter (hence the wicked) but that was a long time ago and really think my palette has evolved alot since then.   
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