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David Little:
I'm giving a talk next month at our homebrew club meeting on fermentables. Besides the obvious ... I wanted to include stories of interesting things other members have fermented. My wildest "non-standard" was bananas in an English mild.

So I'd like to know what is the wildest thing you ever fermented...


ps: I'm reminded of the joke ... "You know you're a homebrewer if ..."

My favorite response? You know you're a homebrewer if you go to the grocery store and find yourself saying "I could ferment that. I could ferment that. I could ...."

Orange juice conentrate in an IPA.

Not me, but there is a certain brewer/ lhbs owner, who shall remain nameless, that made a Cicada beer once upon a time.  8)

Yeah, I recall that!  IIRC, he said the cicadas didn't add much!  ;)

How about some fresh raisins.  8)


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