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I have been trying to get the right water ie. consistent water for a few brews now. I have settled on bottled Kona water from the ocean depths. It is loaded with minerals and I add a little gypsum to it. Anyone else try this. It is not cheap. I can get 50 ounces of it for 1.30. That takes about 13 bottles for  a 5 gallon batch.

Wait, seriously?

Uh, why?   You can buy distilled for cheaper, or RO would be cheaper still.  Then add minerals in as needed.  That changes for the style you are brewing.

I think you are falling for marketing here.  Look at this site, compare to data below.  Your sodium and chloride are off by about 2 orders of magnitude.  Even for deep water off of Antarctica. 

Here is you water analysis (from their website).  Calcium and  sulfates are both low for brewing.
Kona Deep Analysis:
224 TDS
6.5 ph factor
1 Calcium
135 Chloride
2.5 Magnesium
1 Nitrate
4 Potassium
1 Silica
76 Sodium
4 Sulphates 

Looks like softened water but worse.

It takes more than 5 gallons to make a 5 gallon batch.

+1 on getting distilled/RO and adding your own minerals if you don't have an RO system.


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