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   I'm not saying anything is going on here, but if there were some changes even made at "Brewery 'de Weaze", and some whiskey were to be made (un-distilled of course  ;) ) where would a guy such as myself find a good mash recipe?
  And for emphasis, I'm not saying anything fishy is going on here. (yet.  ;) )

Probably a place that sells coppermoonshinestills might be better able to help you out.

But homedistiller.org is probably the best place to learn about the whole process.

I'd try and get my hands on some Wyeast #4347.

YEAST STRAIN: 4347  |  Eau de Vie™

A very good choice for alcohol tolerance and stuck fermentations. Produces a very clean, dry profile, low ester formation and other volatile aromatics.
Origin: France
Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: NA
Temperature Range: 65-80°F, 18-27°C
Alcohol Tolerance: 21% ABV

   Eau de Vie, Grappa/Marc/Bagaceira, Rum, Scotch, Vodka, Whiskey

It'll only get you to ~20% ABV, but you're half way there without any distillation.

Welcome back Weaz.  ;)

I would go here first.


The distillers I visited while at the Cinci NHC used a very reasonable beer, and they actually call it beer, of 6-7%abv.  so anything should work but I would avoid anything that was fermented too warm (fusels) as I would not want those coming thru in a final product.

We are entering an era where many micros have taken up distillation on a small but professional level.  I suspect that many of them have earlier "undocumented" experience.



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