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I think this is the only way a thread can possibly not go off topic. It's Seinfeld-ish; a thread about nothing. I'll start....

Anybody else here throw away their money on Lottery tix? I think it's worth it every now and then to plop down a fiver and then kick back with a beer and fantasize about what you'd do with the winnings.

I do occasionally.  Like you say, it's worth a few bucks to dream!

Anyone want to go in on some powerball tix?  ;D

I'll get a scratch off once or twice a year. I like to dream  ;D

I would like to win a smallish sum, enough to pay off a house and set aside some money for retirement. I think a large pot would bring too much unwanted attention.

Yeah, I do it occasionally for the few days of fantasizing about what I'd do with all that money.  $10M or so after taxes would be nice  ;)


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