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Hoegaarden Yeast Sediment



I am planning to try my hand at making a Witbier, having drunk it before in the UK, it seems the perfect beer to drink here in the Caribbean (Cayman Islands).

Looking at a bottle of Hoegaarden I bought on island, I noticed the fine yeast sediment at the bottom, and wondered if one couldn't get it going again. 

Reading a few articles on the internet, left me more than a little confused.  The yeast used to generate the bottle fermentation: is that the same yeast that they use in the brewing or is that another strain simply used to carbonate the beer.  One article suggested that the beer is pasteurised and the yeast is dead.

Has anybody tried making beer using this residual yeast (I am sure at least a few have tried!)?  Was it successful? and any "tricks" required to coax it back to life?

Thanks in advance!

Hoegaarden yeast is harvestable, and it is Wit yeast. I used more than 1 bottle to speed things along but it is very easy. I'm not very scientific about it, 330ml boiled water, couple spoonfuls of DME, and a pinch of yeast nutrient. I only have a 1L flask, so I start on a Monday or Tuesday and go up in 330ml increments every second or thrid day until brewday.




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