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Author Topic: Let's Go Clubbing!  (Read 2508 times)

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Let's Go Clubbing!
« on: December 14, 2011, 01:05:19 pm »
Let's Go Clubbing

Were you planning on drinking that entire five-gallon batch of Wee Heavy yourself? Wait. Don't answer that. The bottom line is that it's better to share, trade and exchange beer with your fellow homebrewers. That's what makes homebrew clubs so much fun! Chances are, there's a crew of like-minded folks who have already formed a club in your town or area.

Not convinced? Well, take a trip over to our online club finder to see what's going on in your neighborhood. You can search by either state or keyword to find the right crew for you. Looking for more? We've got everything from resources to help your club thrive to details on Club-Only Competitions, and stories about other clubs.

If you're still jealously hoarding that stash of Dunkelweizen, consider this: sharing your homebrew with a crew of friends is scientifically proven to make the beer taste better. Well, either that, or you'll just pick up some great tips and tricks from the rest of the folks in the club.