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Floaties aren't bad!

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My buddy left me a couple of these.
I was trying to save them but he said he had more. ;D  It's probably better I drank them as it appears they have been through some less than ideal ageing. The beer was/is very good though it does seem as if something is slightly 'off'.
So what are those floaties? After some research ::), it appears they are protien coagulations which do little more than effect the appearance of the beer. So don't be afraid! drink that funky looking beer.....or at least try it.
And always remember Google is your friend.

I thought beer is only supposed to look like that after, "praying to the porcelain god?" Yuk!  :o 

I had a bottle of Delerium Tremens look like that.  I thought it was too much bottling yeast.  Did yours pour out in chunks?

I loves me some chunkies :P

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--- Quote from: ndcube on January 21, 2010, 04:29:59 AM --- Did yours pour out in chunks?

--- End quote ---
Yeah. Pretty much poured that way. I don't remember intentionally disturbing the contents.


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