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Author Topic: WY5335 Lactobacillus starter - how hot?  (Read 1829 times)

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WY5335 Lactobacillus starter - how hot?
« on: January 07, 2012, 02:50:24 pm »
I posted this on NB Forum with no response and thought I'd try again here...

I've read that different strains of lacto perform best at different temps, and that the higher the temp within range, the more sour it will get, preferably between 110 - 120F, especially if culturing raw malt. I am not culturing my starter from raw malt, just from WY5335.

To make a starter, I pitched a packet of WY5335 into 1/2 gallon of unhopped wort at about 118F, but an hour later, after checking Wyeast's website where it said that their product's temp range is 60 - 95F, I turned it down to 91F.

I want it good and sour, but clean. Based on your experience or knowledge using WY5335, do you recommend that I hold it at 91F until I pitch it in two days, or crank up the starter temp again, to say 112F? Currently I am heating it wrapped in a heating pad hooked up to a temp controller set to 91F with a 1 degree differential. I also purged the small headspace in the 1/2 gallon growler with co2, and tightly covered it with folded over sanitized tin foil.

I will split the starter in a couple days between two 5-gallon carboys each full of mash/sparge runoff boiled briefly and then cooled to 90F. I will use the sour worting technique and keep the inoculated runoff at 90F for probably 3 days... until it gets pretty sour, and then boil it with hops, chill, and ferment as usual with US-04 to make an Oud Bruin. Half will also get tart cherry juice concentrate at least mid-way into primary fermentation.