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Anyone have a Spaten Oktoberfest recipe?

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This is my favorite German Oktoberfest bier, but it is very hard to find here in S.C., even in season.  Does anyone have a clone recipe?  Austin Homebrew has a kit, but I believe I can brew 5 gallons for less than $30+ without yeast.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I've only ever had it skunked, which is sad because Märzens/Oktoberfests are the only style of lager I enjoy regularly.

I hate to hear that because it is a great tasting Oktoberfest Bier.  Not quite as sweet as most American examples (i.e. Sam Adams, Leine's, etc.) and with a little more hop character than domestics.  Last year they had it at Costco by the case and that might be why the examples I had weren't skunked.  The twelve pack containers do a better job of blocking light vs. the six pack holders.

not a clone, but oktoberfest isn't hard to make:

1/3 each of pils/munich/vienna to a mid 50s gravity, mash at 152, 90min boil, 25 ibus of noble hop at 60, your favorite german lager yeast (WL830) pitch at 48df, ferment at 50df, lager at least 4 weeks after primary.  tap, serve. voila.

moderate carbonate water helps (I use ~100 -150 HCO3)

I make mine with a lot more vienna and a little bit of late hop (2oz in 12gal at 20min) but that's just me.

that'll get you really close, and you may like this even more.

I do 2:1 Vienna to pils/Munich andIi also hop at 60. 30 and 10 to about 35 IBU's. I should probably call it Hoptoberfest, but I like it better than the commercials ones I've tried.


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