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David Houseman


David Houseman - BUZZ, Chester Springs, PA

David Houseman began brewing in 1991.  The cross between the science of brewing and the creativity of cooking was alluring from the start.  He progressed from extract brewing on the kitchen stove, with numerous overflows - much to his wife's chagrin -- to all-grain brewing, taking over the garage, laundry room and numerous other locations around the house.   

In 1993 he co-founded the BUZZ homebrew club.  In 1993 Dave became a BJCP ( judge and organized the first Buzz Off homebrew competition.  He is currently a BJCP Grand Master III judge, actively judging more than brewing at the moment.   Dave has brewed examples of all of the BJCP beer styles and number of the cider and mead styles, winning numerous awards in local, regional and national competitions.   Dave served as the Mid-Atlantic Representative of the BJCP and on the Governing Committee (ne Board of Advisors) of the AHA since 1996.  He is currently the BJCP Competition Director.   

Dave is a contributing author of the Commercial Calibration column in Zymurgy, has written a number of articles and is a frequent contributor to AHA TechTalk.   He is a frequent speaker on beer, brewing, beer styles and food and beer pairing at beer festivals, beer dinners and wherever invited and the beer freely flows.   

When not brewing or judging a homebrew competitions or the GABF, Dave spends time as a USSF and PIAA soccer referee, in his day job as Chief Operating Officer of Education Management Solutions (, or time with his family, wife Gloria, a math teacher, daughter Morgan in high school and son Matthew in middle school.   If it ferments, David has made it, including beer, mead, cider, wine and cheese.

I'm proud to list Dave as one of my friends.  A wealth of fermentation knowledge.  And.....a mighty fine mazur.


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