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what are some tools you cannot brew without and you are thankful the day you bought it.  mine would have to be my sanitizer injecter

The first thing that comes to mind is my siphon starter (the racking cane inside of a wine thief thingy). 
At first I thought that it was gimmicky, but I love how easy it makes transfers.  Not to mention sneaking samples of old mead.
Get one, it's worth every penny of the ~$12 it cost

Oh, and no homebrewery should be without a spray bottle full of star san.   That's probably about as essential as it gets.


my undrilled bung. :o

No really, capping my carboy for manual labor aeration is critical to my methods. :-[

Stainless scrubbies. Get rid of those worthless green things!

refractometer... no more waiting until just before I pitch the yeast to see how I did.

my other is 4 gallon plastic water bottles. I use them the store grain, others to hold brew water for a day or two to disapate chlorine, I use one for my gravity feed recirculate wort chiller*

* I don't have a good connection indoors for my wort chiller. I fill a bottling bucket with water and ice and gravity feed to the kettle that is on the floor. The output goes to a water bottle. The first 4 gallons of very hot water is saved for cleanup. From then on I recirculate (lift the output water bottle and refill the bottling bucket) until I get down to pitching temp.


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