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Do Finely Milled Grains Retain Less Water?

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I've recently been milling my grains on the tightest mill setting.  I think my gap is about .028".  I condition grains and get beautifully intact hulls, with a lot of fine grits.

On my last several batches I've noticed that I am getting a lot more wort from my standard water additions.  For instance, this morning I used 9.1 gallons total water, and ran off 8.25 gallons of wort.

11 LBS of grain is only retaining .85 gallons of water.  This is much less than I've experienced in the past.

Does anyone have similar experience?  I think in the past, I'd figure on at least 1 - 1.5 gallon of lost wort per 10 LBS of grain.

Maybe it's due to the conditioning?  If the grain is already damp, maybe it absorbs less?  Just a WAG....

Denny - You mill really finely too.  What is your usual value for wort loss due to absorption?

I'd have to check my notes to be sure, but IIRC somewhere around .12 gal./lb.  I just mashed in, so in about an hour and a half I'll have real numbers.

OK, I just finished my sparge.  9.75 gal. in, 8.3 gal. out, 11.63 lb. of grain.  That makes it .124 gal./lb. absorption.

BTW, according to Promash, I got 96% efficiency!   ;D ???


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