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How do you clean and reuse your grain and/or hop bags?

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I soak mine in PBW and then rinse after use. There is still some "hop green/wort brown" discoloring and a little debris in the seams/stitching. 

Does it matter?  I'm assuming so miniscule that the reuse in boiling wort makes this all irrelevant, but figured I'd ask as only brewing for 2 years.

I always turned them inside out and ran them through the dishwasher.

I just rinse 'em off.


--- Quote from: denny on January 24, 2010, 10:58:29 AM ---I just rinse 'em off.

--- End quote ---

+1  I usually turn it inside out and do my best at rinsing it out in the sink.  I relax, I don't worry about what little bits I may have missed, and have a homebrew or two.

I just rinse them out turning inside out. I let them air dry and sometimes there is some powdery substance on them that I just shake off. They are discolored, but the mesh holes are the same as when they were new. I'm about 18 months using the same hop bags and grain sparging bag.


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