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Hey folks, try to post your topics in the appropriate section. This helps people use the search function more effectively. Just because you brew "all grain" and have a "carbonation" problem or "blow off" problem, doesn't mean the topic belongs in "all grain". Extract or partial mash brewers or even all grains brewers who search for a specific result to a question can pin point their search results via category, so if you have it in the appropriate section it makes finding it easier .... for everybody!  :D Plus, I'm getting tired of moving all yer dern posts!  ;)

Bump up to active threads. I don't mind moving the threads around but it seems like the AG sections is becoming more of a "catch all" again lately. Again, putting the threads in the right section helps with the search function. In other words, just because you brew AG doesn't mean you should post a fermentation question in the AG section. Thanks!


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