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12th Annual Domras Cup Mead Competition - Feb 6 in Savannah


Posted this on homebrew comps, but thought I would copy over here as well.  It's not too late to enter!!  Entry window has been extended to Feb 1.

The 12th Annual Domras Cup Mead Competition, sponsored by the Savannah Brewers League, will take place February 6, 2010, beginning at 9 a.m. All mead styles (24,25,26) will be accepted. The on-line entry window will be open January 10 - 27. All entries are due by the 27th. Entry price is only $5 and only one bottle of still mead (2 of sparkling) are required for entry.

We're only second oldest, not nearly as prestigious, but possibly the funnest mead-only competition in the land. As always, we will hold our annual oyster roast afterward in celebration of a great mead day!

Please go to for more information.


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