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I suppose I should post a few pictures to show you all why I'm selling my totally awesome 3 tier folding brew stand (shameless plug).

This is Brew Stand 3.0.  I don't weld and I shy away from gas plumbing.  The beauty of these shortcomings is that this took the local professional welder five days of working on it in between projects to get it done.  Dropped off the plans last Friday, approved the estimate on Monday, stopped by for as many add-ons and "oh, can you do this, too" items as I could think of, and had the stand back at 12:30 p.m. yesterday.  Dropped it by a good plumber on my way back to the office, and had it back with gas lines in an hour.  Nearly killed myself getting it out of the truck without assistance (it weighs about 200+ lbs), but it's safe and sound in its new home in the garage.  It still needs paint, which may happen tomorrow.  After that, I'll bolt up the casters, pump, CFC, and get some plumbing fittings on order. 

Here are a couple of shots.

Very nice! 

This is a Brutus build right? Looks nice.

Thanks.  It's a single tier stand and I suppose it's pretty similar to the Brutus system minus a direct fired mash tun.  But I didn't really pay much attention to Brutus versus the B3 2100 or any number of single tier stands I looked at in getting this one on paper.  After brewing on a multi-tier system for a few years, I put it together based on my equipment (plus the new 20 gallon mash tun/kettle and how I brew.  

I just drew it up on paper and, ultimately, laid out masking tape on the kitchen floor to make sure the kettles would fit before taking it to the welder.  I'm going to batch sparge on it and will be insulating the mash tun later this week.  No HERMS or RIMS ... yet.

Got it painted today, but I may add another layer of the glossier satin stove paint since on my other stand, the flat stuff rubbed off really easily.  Got the plumping ordered, pumps and CFC mounted, casters on, etc.  Will test fire later this week and plan to brew next weekend.


New system, new problems, about sums it up.  But, that said, I think I'll have them solved by the second brew.  Last Sunday, I started at 7 pm and went until 3 a.m. by the time all was cleaned up and stored.  Ultimately, I was successful, but I spent the first half of the brew session solving problems.

1.  I had several leaky jets on the new burners.  This was not solved during the brew session.  I went to Home Depot on Monday and bought some gas tape to reseal about 8 jets.  One wouldn't even screw in properly without the tape.

2.  Speaking of burners, these new burners are hot.  Next issue was my having my HLT positioned too far back over the burner.  I melted my quick disconnect on the HLT and those things are rated for 250 degrees.  Had a spare on a piece of hose that I rigged up so I could keep going.  New camlock disconnects were on order, but hadn't arrived by the inaugural brew.

3.  My hoses were too long and my pump was cavitating a fair amount.  Shortened the hoses and that helped a little, but it took forever to drain the HLT into the MLT.  That hose with the disconnect was probably letting in air.  I think another disconnect wasn't sealing properly.  As a result, I lost a lot of heat in the transfer and mashed in about 11 degrees low.  I also didn't account for water under the false bottom, which  attributed to this heat loss.  Added nearly 2 gallons of boiling water and was still 2 degrees low, but that was close enough.  Added a half hour to my mash time to be sure I got conversion.

Recirculation on the mash went well and I saved time not having to vauralauf (sp).

Bought a high flow impeller for the pump for about $20, which should work better and hopefully prevent a lot of the cavitation should I continue to get a little air ahead of the pump.  Will also preheat the tun next time and account for the water under the false bottom.   

Got the gloss stove paint from Amazon and got it sprayed yesterday.  I can't tell you how much better this stuff is over the flat black stove paint.  The flat paint was rubbing off two weeks after application (and I did a good prep).  The gloss/satin stove paint looks much better and doesn't rub off.

Also got my camlock fittings in and put the high flow impeller on the March Pump.


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