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Sorry for reviving and old post but this set up is awesome. How are the gas pipes and burners attached? I can't tell from the pictures. I see the cross section underneath the burners but I didn't think those jet burners had mounting holes.

No problem.  The burners are the 20 tip wok burners.  There is a hole in them that I believe is supposed to be used to to feed a pilot light through.  I use that hole to bolt them to a cross member that attaches to either side of the wind screen.  The gas piping is held up by the burners.  At some point, I will probably use some pipe straps to attach the pipe to the base of the stand, but, so far, I have not been inclined to mess with it since it seems to hold up just fine. 

You can see the bolt in this picture.

Also, for what it's worth.  I relocated the spark ignitor on the MLT burner to a position underneath that cross support.  Mounting it to the curve of the wind screen caused it to not sit completely flush.  It would move around a bit during the brew session for whatever reason and the changing gap made for inconsistent ignition.  Now, being mounted flush to a flat surface, it works great.  Not sure why the HLT ignitor never had this problem.


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