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Circular vs Rectangular Mash Tun

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This may stir up some passion but I am wondering which is perferable-the round cooler or the rectangular one.


If you were going to fly sparge a round cooler would be preferable.  But I saw your post that you picked up a 70 qt Coleman Xtreme.  That will work great for batch sparging once you get it converted.

I like a round mash tun. There aren't corners where mash can hide from being stirred up. But in the end that may not make that much of a difference if you are just diligent about stirring the mash.

The important thing is that it's blue :)

If you want to have false bottom you would go with round vessel (cooler).
I did not see any square / rectangle false bottoms.

With rectangle coolers people use (made) manifolds or use ss braids.

So it goes down how do you want to lauter grain.


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