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The new look is nice, gonna take some getting used to but I have to ask, is it possible to find "replies" now?  Also, can you still stay logged in?  I haven't entered my password in a long time and it took me a few tries to remember what it was. 

OK, I found replies right up at the very top, not where it used to be.  Still wondering if we need to use our password each time we come to the forum?  Maybe I'll find that next.

The "unread" and "replies" is all the way in the far upper left corner of the screen.

OK, I also found the stay logged in thing.  Gotta log out with the "Forum Log out" up at the top and then use that to log in.  Just typing it into the boxes on the top right doesn't bring up that page.  Glad I could answer all my own stupid questions (although Bluesman almost beat to me to my own answer).

Hmmm. High contrast and low resolution. That's what I'm seeing right now. Snappy interface.


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