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Bottling with more yeast
« on: February 28, 2012, 05:50:00 PM »
First time poster!  My biggest beer ever.  Trying to decide whether i need more yeast at bottling in order for it to carb.  Not only is the answer probably "yes", but it is also probably a 6-12 month cellaring that will make this beer truly shine.  Brew Day +38 days I have 86.4% apparent attenuation and booze north of 10%.  This beer tastes fantastic right now, but a little hot.

Le Marteau
18-D Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Author: MCP
Date: 1/19/2012

Size: 5.4 gal
Efficiency: extract
Attenuation: 86.4%
Calories: 290.33 kcal per 12.0 fl oz

Original Gravity: 1.088 (1.070 - 1.095)
Terminal Gravity: 1.012 (1.005 - 1.016)
Color: 7.18 (3.0 - 6.0)
Alcohol: 10.06% (7.5% - 10.5%)
Bitterness: 33.3 (22.0 - 35.0)

3.3 lb CBW® Bavarian Wheat Liquid (Malt Extract)
3.3 lb CBW® Golden Light Liquid (Malt Extract)
2.5 lb CBW® Golden Light Powder (Dry Malt Extract)
1 lb Acidulated Malt
2 lb Corn Sugar
4.1 oz Candi Sugar Clear
.5 oz White Pepper - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
.6 oz Corriander crushed - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
1 ea Orange Peel - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
1.0 ea White Labs WLP566 Belgian Saison II
.25 oz Warrior® (16.0%) - added during boil, boiled 60 min
.5 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) - added during boil, boiled 30 min
.5 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) - added during boil, boiled 15.0 min
.5 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min

Ambient Air: 70.0 °F
Source Water: 60.0 °F
Elevation: 0.0 m

32 OUNCE Starter made with one cup DME 2 days prior to brewing, high flocculation @ 68deg ambient temp
added corn sugar and DME at beginning of boil
two cans of 3.3lbs lme @ 10
Total post-boil volume of 2.8gallons
~31-32Brix - anticipated undiluted boil gravity of 1.130 SG
Diluted to 6 gal volume, OG of 1.088

Fermenter temp of 73 after 24 hours, vigorous airlock activity
BD+9 still visible airlock activity, fermenter temp holding steady at 68 since BD+1
BD+ 13 still visible airlock activity; observed thin layer of yeast on top of fermenter, gravity down to 1.030 (65% AA)
Sample taste @ BD + 13 minimal saison characteristics, likely due to relatively low fermentation temp (68deg), still sweet up front

visible airlock activity after 3 weeks (2/11/12)
moved to 75 degree ferm control on 2/23/12
Gravity at 1.012 on 2/27/11 (BD+38)- white pepper, heavy citrus, some saison characteristics in nose; sample tasted far drier, lightly cloudy deep gold color significant alcohol heat

Results generated by BeerTools Pro 1.5.17
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Re: Bottling with more yeast
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2012, 05:52:44 PM »
I think it would probably carb up fine without the addition of more yeast at bottling.  But I also think that if it were me I would add some just to be on the safe side.
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Re: Bottling with more yeast
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2012, 05:54:21 PM »
It's not going to hurt to add more yeast at bottling.  If you're worried about it, add some.
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Re: Bottling with more yeast
« Reply #3 on: February 29, 2012, 04:57:23 AM »
The last two Saisons I brewed, I re-yeasted, with additional sugar as well.  I used White Labs 565 for primary (let it rise above 90°) and for bottling.  Bottled most of each batch in Belgian 750ml bottles with corks & wires.  Kept them at about 70-75° for a month, laying on their sides after bottling to condition.  (Those which are in 12 oz. bottles for competition entry were left upright). 

These have both turned out to be the best of the many Saisons I have brewed (NHC, here we come!).  Just wonderful, authentic, results.  I've never re-yeasted before, so I used Farmhouse Ales and Yeast books as my references for how to do it and how much yeast to add.
Steve K.
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