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I have some Perle hops, but have never used this variety before.  Was thinking of doing a german pils using all Perle hops.  Just looking for some feedback on this hops and if they will be suitable for a pilsner?

I've only ever used them in a German Weizen, but I think they would work well in a Pilsner

I made a single hop IPA a bit ago with Perle hops.  It was pretty good, didn't use as much hops as I'd have liked, but I don't see any reason why you can't use them in a single hopped beer of any kind.

Not my favorite hop but they would work well in an all Perle Pils. Perle are kind of minty to me. I prefer Mittlefrue or Hursbrucker. But if you have 'em, use em. No better way to learn the taste of a particular hop that by trying the exclusively.

Where do you get Mittelfrueh?


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