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Questions you may have about March Pumps? post them here

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I hope this thread will help any brewers with issues they may have with their pumps. Feel free to post you question/problem here and i will answer it and the rest of the community can see the fix....if you want you can also PM or email me.  8)


Hey, everybody, I asked Walter to start posting here so we could get pump questions answered right from the source!  Walter, thanks so much for joining us!  I have a pump has 2 small openings for oil on it.   How often should I oil it and what type of oil do you recommend?

Good question. Depending on the motor that comes with the pump it may or may net need oiling. If you look on the motor itself, on the white label that has all the specs of the motor like voltage will find it say "OIL" with arrows on each side pointing tot he end caps of the motor. At the edge of the caps you will find a hole and if you look inside the motor you will see a small channel leading tot he center cap where the sleeve bearing is located. Any 3-in-1 oil will work fine. You can pick it up at any hardware store. Its most commonly used for sewing machines and small motors etc. Or any light weight machine oil you can find will work too. As for how often to oil these units? That depends on how often you use it...what kind of environment you keep the pump in etc. For most beer brewers that keep their equipment in the garage and has for the most part a constant temp...then once a year is more then enough.
If your garage is detached and you get big temp swings like up here in the winter or if you are in a dry/dusty region then 2-3 times a year may be warranted. And it only needs like 2-3 drops per bearing.

If your pump motor does NOT have that "OIL" marking on the motor label then you have a ball bearing motor and it does not require any lubrication.

Thanks, Walter.  My pump does have the oil markings and I'm in the detached garage/temp swings/dusty category.  I've had it a couple years and never oiled it, so I guess it's time!

Hey, great! Walter, why is there an availability difference between March USA and, for example, March May in the UK? There's a really nice nano pump at morebeer ( but the march may guy told me he didn't carry anything like that. Do you sell a 220/50hz version?


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