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Questions you may have about March Pumps? post them here

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--- Quote from: denny on February 27, 2012, 06:32:58 PM ---Thanks, Walter.  My pump does have the oil markings and I'm in the detached garage/temp swings/dusty category.  I've had it a couple years and never oiled it, so I guess it's time!

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The motor Mfg actually tells us that theres enough in the bearing area right out of the factory that in a 24/7 use it will go 3-5 years no problem...but in those cases its sitting in an indoor situation and the temps do change much. :)


--- Quote from: phillamb168 on February 27, 2012, 06:41:58 PM ---Hey, great! Walter, why is there an availability difference between March USA and, for example, March May in the UK? There's a really nice nano pump at morebeer ( but the march may guy told me he didn't carry anything like that. Do you sell a 220/50hz version?

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The March May guys are a sister company and they buy a bunch of our pump heads but install their own motors for the european side of things...they even have alot of their own pumps that we do not sell here.
That pump you posted the link to is something we made to try and get a stainless pump to the larger beer guys a bit cheaper then the standard industrial type we normally sell. If you call them up again try and ask for the TE-5S-MD or their equivalant. If they have our version then the motor is TEFC and is 115/230v 50/60hz compatible. Or they will have one just like it. And see if you can get a price break if they change out the full stainless impeller with one made out of Polysulfone or if not then Kynar should work as well.

I wonder if I could use my 809 to pump a mash, like in a decoction? I'm afraid to try it because I don't think it will work.


--- Quote from: nateo on February 28, 2012, 01:45:43 AM ---I wonder if I could use my 809 to pump a mash, like in a decoction? I'm afraid to try it because I don't think it will work.

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It will depend on how much is going through the pump at any given point during the pumping. The pumps actually can pass solids up to about 1/4" in size....problem is if they happen to pass through just right and jam between the impeller and the pump housing then it will stop the impeller and decouple the mag drive. The the motor will freewheel and you would get any pumping action out of it. I know the mash is a soft solid and in small quantities it will pass through the pump...if it clumps up or you get a bigger pocket of mash going through you will have problems....all i can suggest you try is possibly after a brew session when you are done with the mash.....dump it into a kettle of water and try pumping it through the pump and see how it goes. You will probably find you need to keep stirring it so its evenly suspended in the liquid as its getting pumped out. At least this way if it does clog your not ruining a good brew. :)

Walter - Thanks for the detailed response. It's great to have you here to answer questions.

Do you think the AC-5 could handle something like that better? I was looking at the drawings, and it looks like the impeller is a different shape (4 blades instead of 6) so maybe that could handle bigger chunks?

I'll try the experiment you suggested next time I brew.


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