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Help with a recipe? (Clone of Speakeasy Untouchable Pale Ale)


So, 2 or 3 beers from now, I will be brewing a beer inspired by Speakeasy's Untouchable Pale Ale. I was just wondering if A) this seems like it might be similar to the original, or B) it looks like an easy-drinking pale ale.

This recipe assumes 80% efficiency.

Unspeakable Pale Ale

7 lb Great Western 2-Row
1 lb Red Wheat Malt
1 lb Munich 10L
4 oz Crystal 60L

.5 oz Cascade (5.7% AA) FWH
.5 oz Willamette (5.6% AA) FWH
.33 oz CTZ (16.0% AA) 60 min
.5 oz Cascade (5.7% AA) 5 min
.5 oz Willamette (5.6% AA) 5 min
.5 oz Mt. Hood (4.6% AA) 5 min
1 oz Cascade (5.7% AA) 0 min
1 oz Mt. Hood (5.7% AA) 0 min
1 oz Cascade (5.7% AA) dry hop

Wyeast 1272 American Ale II or WLP051 California V Ale

Mash at 151F for 60 min
OG 1.052, FG ~1.013
~38 IBU

Does this look about right? I imagine Speakeasy doesn't FWH, but I like FWH more than a standard 20 min addition... Am I crazy with adding the 5 min additions?


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