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eZymurgy for past issues?

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When the eZymurgy screen comes up, it gives you the option to look at an Archive of past issues.  But they are not links to be able to read them through eZymurgy (or are they?).  Is there a way to view past Zymurgy issues using eZymurgy?  I'm especially interested in the last issue, since I got the ingredients to brew a beer from the Urban Brewing article, and need to go back and see the recipe.

From the "archive issues" folder in the upper left corner, I can get the last issue just fine.

Thank you.  I tried another browser (was using IE9) and it worked ok.

When I click on any of the issues in the archive screen none of them load.  Does anyone else have issues with this. 

It's probably a huge PITA, but I'd love to be able to read all the back issues.


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