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Handmade Growler question...


I bought a handmade growler from a college friend who lives out in Montana.   He makes extremely cool handmade Growlers and I was wondering about if anyone else has something like this and what the application would be.

Obviously it's really cool to have if you keg your beer and want to bring some of your homebrew over to a friends house for sampling and general consumption.  (I just started kegging and my first kegged beer is still in the process of force carbonating).  I'm assuming it'll be just fine for quick consumption.

Another question is this.  I tried to bottle condition my second ever homebrew in this handmade growler and for some reason it didn't carbonate at all, while my bottles had.   I'm wondering if it's too porous to hold the CO2 for a long time?  It'd be cool to bottle condition in my Growler.   

Let me know your thoughts.


Let me know if you have any experience with this type of Growler.

Now that's a little brown jug if I ever saw one. Nice!  :D

I have bottled conditioned in growlers without any problem at all, so I know it's doable.  One reason may be that the seal on the flip-top is not tight enough and the co2 is escaping.  Just a thought.  I'm assuming the growler was resting in an area under the same conditions as all the bottles that conditioned properly.

Seems like a spam post to me.  1st post and he's linking to a 'friend's' site?


--- Quote from: nyakavt on February 03, 2010, 01:39:45 PM ---Seems like a spam post to me.  1st post and he's linking to a 'friend's' site?

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I think you are right.


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