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when to plants hops?

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yeah they were surprised and less than thrilled

Jimmy K:
It's best to move them when dormant, so before they've started growing in the spring. Wise to wait for the ground to thaw too, unless you like punishment.

So I have some more questions about planting hops. I'm trying decide if I should just a trellis with a pot or we have a dead tree the stump with be about 8-10ft high. My question is what method would see the best growth. I guess for both methods i could use another trellis like the pros do and string them across. I just wanted to know if the hops would climb the tree as well as a trellis


--- Quote from: csu007 on March 18, 2012, 07:21:14 PM --- My question is what method would see the best growth.

--- End quote ---

Planting in the ground, not a pot, will give the best growth. 

I suggest using the stump as support.  Native hops in the Gunnison Basin grow up rock escarpments.
Don't worry too much about what the pros do, since you are at home and just want to grow a few pounds for home use.

You could try attaching a little metal pig panel upright to the stump,
to give a rigid grid to grow on. 10 feet high plenty.

Hard to go wrong, if you irrigate. 8)

Good luck.

I have a dumb question...they say to wrap the hops clockwise around the twine, would that be clockwise from the top looking down or the bottom looking up?


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