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Well, one of my wife's best friends from college is getting married this summer in Northern Germany so we might be going (assuming its relatively affordable).

I figure I can have about 5-6 days outside of the wedding to go around - I figure we can train (?) to Dusseldorf for a few days and then to Munchen(?) Obviously, I want to see brewing culture, but some of the old castles, etc. would be great as well.

Post your thoughts/advice/suggestions and let me know.

Not sure where you are starting, but here is my $0.02.

Duesseldorf is a must in my book, and you can get your fill of Altbier by doing short walks between the brewpubs.  Last time we just went to Zum Uerige several times.  You are close to Koeln (Cologne), so you can check out Koelsch, and the Dom (Cathederal).  Take the slow train that follows the Rhein River to see a metric ton of castles through the Rhein Gorge.

Muenchen is super in the summer, as the biergartens are in full swing.  If you decide to go there, get "The Beer Drinkers Guide to Munich", yes that is a real book.  Munich has many museums and historic sites if you are into that, and the Nymphenberg palace, and the Residenz (SP- my German is gone), along with some good churches.

The last two time in Germany we have spent several days in Bamberg.  That is beer heaven in Germany.

Given that you have only 5 day, don't strech yourself too much. Duesseldorf, Köln and the Rhine vallley are good options.


When will you be there?  We're spending June 14-23 driving around Germany and will be in the Koln area the 21st and 22nd.

Definitely go to the east side and Berlin if you can. Too much history to pass up, even if it isn't the best beer.The pilsners are great where ever you go.


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