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Last fall I pitched the idea of a brewing and beer appreciation class to the local community college.  They don't do much by way of advertising other than put out a course schedule, and I admittedly didn't help with flyers or anything.  The first class had only 3 students but I went ahead and taught because I figured it might help get the word out so to speak.  Recruited one person to our homebrew club out of that group so it wasn't a total waste.

I was scheduled to teach it again this month but as of yesterday I had three students who had paid and I was going to have them cancel the class.  I was whining to the community education director about how I was surprised there wasn't more interest in brewing given the seeming popularity in many areas of the country.  Then this morning one more person signed up and paid so the class is on.  Right after that I get another email that two more are signed up.  Don't know if they paid but if so that might be six people.  That would be a great class size, enough so they will fill up some of the time with questions and relieve me of talking for two hours straight.  They'll still get some individual attention too.  The class is four sessions on consecutive Thursday evenings.  The last class meets at the local brewpub for a brewery tour and a flight of their beers, they had something like ten last time so its a nice platform for tasting and discussing beer styles.

Excellent!!!  Be sure to mention the forums. They're a great source for enhancing their brewing knowledge, among many other sources of course. Cheers!!!

Jimmy K:
This sounds like a fun class.

I've included several brewing forums including this one on the sheet of references I hand out.

We make a simple extract beer on week one, extract with specialty grains on week two, AG on week three (probably at my house unless someone doesn't want to drive there), and the brewpub on week four.

I just found out that the last two students had some kind of conflict so I'm back to four students.  So much for my delusions of a packed house and me down front in a bow tie and sport coat with elbow patches.

That sounds really fun to teach, and probably to take too.


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