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Brewing Class Picking Up Steam

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I make  $22 per student, and I charge an $11 materials fee that covers some of the materials and the brewpub tasting.

The sawyerism of the situation is that they pay to watch me brew beer that I then keep.

This week's class will consist of brewing a Brewers Best Belgian Tripel kit from start to finish.  I'll attempt to follow the instructions and use accepted brewing procedures.  Should take up the better part of two hours.  The cool thing is that my friend who owns the brewstore is donating the kit.

Another Homebrewing and Beer appreciation class is in the books.  Week 3 we did a mash demo, a bottling demo, and did a tasting of homebrews made by me and a couple other people.  Then last night we finished up with a tour of the local 10bbl microbrewery and a tasting of six of their beers.  I had them take a stab at writing a BJCP judging evaluation on a couple of the beers, that didn't seem to enthuse too many of them but I hope it gave them some insights into what aspects of a beer to think about when assessing a beer.  All nine people seemed to enjoy themselves and wrote positive comments on the course eval forms.

I keep thinking about ways to change up the course.  I might leave this one as is, and maybe offer a second advanced brewing course where I go more into malt selection, hops selection, reusing yeast, water chemistry, mashing techniques, and kegging.  Not positive how many people would sign up for this, but a second course would be a way to recycle some of my previous students.

I am also thinking about having a beer appreciation course where I would purchase classic examples and we would get together and taste them.  That'd be a lot of fun too.  Of course the problem there is that no alcohol is allowed on premises at the college but we could do this at the local homebrew shop.  I could even do this as a one-off thing where we would do a specific beer style once a month and the participants would just pay for the one session.


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