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Brewing Class Picking Up Steam

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Very cool Lennie, I'm glad you're doing it.  It will grow :)

I believe this is how Charlie Papazian got started, back in the day.

Its a great excuse to brew beer on a weeknight and the money will cover materials and gas.  I'm no Charlie P but I'd love to generate a little more interest in brewing and good beer in this area.

Up to six students now, I might even make a few bucks off this deal.

I'm brewing a "kit" tonight, albeit one of my own making (hey I gotta drink the beer).  Its an American wheat style with orange peel for finishing hops.  OG 1.042, 14IBU from Magnum.  My wife loves this concoction.

So, you're gonna convince them of how much fun whitewashing the fence is, and get them to do all of the work, right?


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