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Shipping costs?

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I placed an order with MW today, shipping costs are going up and if you want to use your AHA membership for a discount you have to fax or mail in a copy of your card.

I suppose its coming down to the fact that people are spending less because I can't believe FedEx or UPS has raised their rates, gas prices haven't gone up compared to what they were a year or so ago.   ::)  I think suppliers would be better off lowering their prices and have more Volume going out the door than to raise their prices only to see their volume decrease even more. 

County malt supply is your friend :)


--- Quote from: Thirsty_Monk on January 29, 2010, 07:20:59 PM ---County malt supply is your friend :)

--- End quote ---

+1 My friend too.

Austin and BMW do flat rate shipping. Naturally certain things cost more than elsewhere.
Just depends what you need. I do Mid-Country Malt for grains.

Dude...Brewmasters Warehouse is the s***. I have been ordering everything from them lately including 50# sacks of grain for $6.99 flat shipping. I have been raving about them so much they may owe me money for advertising, but I guess I'm making it up on the shipping. Check it out. Glad I did. Hoping that they stick to it.


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