Author Topic: Ramping Up the Temp at the End of Fermentation - How Warm is Too Warm?  (Read 8462 times)

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So my IPA took longer than usual to finish fermenting. I pitched a good dose of fresh brewpub slurry of WLP001 into 10-11 gallons of wort at about 58 degrees, and major fermentation was apparent about 12 hours later, but krausen didn't fall until sometime last night or this morning (10 days later).

After 2 days of active fermentation at 62F, I ramped the temp up 2 degrees per day until it was at 68F. 7 days into the fermentation, when krausen was still visible, I moved the fermenter from the fermentation freezer in the garage into the house for it to raise to ambient. Well, at day 9 the house got a little warm (and fermentation wasn't finished), and the fermometer was reading 72-74F! I had intended to let the beer finish up at 70F and rest for a day, but 74F? I haven't had any kind of non-Belgian fermentation approach that temperature since back in my uncontrolled-fermentation days. Will this brief period of 74F likely have any noticeable negative effect? And when can I finally start dry hopping?

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Chris White, President of White Labs,
Inc., also has some recommendations for
his company’s products:
“WLP001, California Ale Yeast, is the best
warm temperature fermentor we have. Very
little esters and fusel alcohol production all
the way up to 80° F (27° C)."
That is from the "beat the heat"  article in the free downloads in zymurgy section. The author goes on to attest that he had a very clean fermentation at 72/73 degrees with it. FWIW. Your total fermentation was quite different though I'm sure.

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It is most important to keep the temp under control during the very active stage of fermentation.  Looks like you were past this stage when the temp was raised.  Wlp001 is very forgiving in this respect as already mentioned.

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I use a temp controled fridge and routinely let my beer ferment for 2 weeks.
Occaisionally, using WLP01, it takes the krausen a long time to fall, even when it doesn't appear to be actively fermenting.
As noted by others, having a temp spike after several days should have no negative effect.
You asked about dry hopping, you can dry hop anytime after the active ferment is complete.
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Not much fermentation actually occurred while it was warm, so not much to worry about.
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Not much fermentation actually occurred while it was warm, so not much to worry about.

Exactly my thoughts. The whole point of the temp control is to regulate yeast flavor generation during lag and growth phases. This was largely over with. All that was left were the dusty, most highly attenuative yeast in suspension. You should be good to go. I'd rack it and condition it, or cold crash and then rack if you want to clean it up a bit first.

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I crank it up to 72 regularly to get it to finish quickly. Most of your esters and fusels are created in the first 48-72 hours, after that temp is not as critical (as long as it doesn't go down too much).

Re: Wlp001 at 70-80 degrees. I have no doubt that the yeast is still clean at those temps but from personal experience I enjoy the beer much better at cooler temps. Sierra nevada pitches in teh low 60s for reasons I would trust more that chris white (certainly no offense meant.)