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Picked up onion and garlic sets yesterday.  Too cold to play in the garden today (it may snow, where the heck is spring?)  Oh, that's right, not until Wednesday.

I rotate my beds never growing the same plants consecutively. Not sure, but is it 2-3 years before one can replant in a prior bed?

This is only my second year on this garden. and we are rotating some but mostly we just plant a big ol' hodgepodge anyway with lots of stuff growing every which where.


--- Quote from: euge on March 17, 2013, 02:54:17 PM ---I rotate my beds never growing the same plants consecutively. Not sure, but is it 2-3 years before one can replant in a prior bed?

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The old rule of thumb I'm familiar with is a 4-year rotation of Legumes > Leaves (i.e., Brassicas) > Fruits (Tomatoes, Squash, etc.) > Roots. Now, within my home garden I definitely don't grow an even enough assortment from each of these categories to be able to do this, nor is my garden large enough to do a strict rotation like this. Since I keep my vegetable garden organic, I'm mainly concerned with soil nutrients and pest control. I try to follow legumes with veggies that can use the extra nutrients (brassicas or corn, generally), and I try not to plant veggies that get hit by the same problem insects following each other. If I can keep my rotation to at least 3 years, then that's good enough for me.


--- Quote from: pinnah on March 12, 2013, 04:57:36 AM ---Anybody care to take on another year in the growing food thread?

Pretty cold yet here, but the garden is now snow free and I am starting to dream.
Still have some leeks in the ground.  Should lift those and see how they wintered.

Anything new planned?  Seeds started?
Shoot... Andrew is probably already eating corn. ;)

I have been wondering if I can keep planting potatoes in the same spot year after year.
Do you folks rotate certain crops around?

Cheers to spring!

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Nope not eating any corn yet!... although me and the wife finished off what was left from last year's frozen harvest a few weeks back.          However, I do have popcorn planted that is several inches high!

Always gardening here, but it took a beating a few days before Easter with a heavy late frost while I was out of town. Had to replant squash, cucumbers, and a couple of peppers. Most everything else will make it although it got burned. Potatoes and tomatoes are over 1 foot tall, ate asparagus through mid March, just starting to harvest strawberries, picked most of the carrots already, and already pickled beets this year.

My hops are up already and have been for a few weeks, but they also were a little burned at the end of March.

Most of my fruit trees are leafing out or blooming except for just a few, and I had a newly planted apple tree blown over in a thunderstorm yesterday morning. It was staked, but not good enough for 50 MPH winds.


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