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How lolong will harvested yeast keep

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Boston Brewer:

I am planning on harvesting the yeast from my Belgian Ale when I rack to secondary today. I will be brewing a second Belgian within the coming month and I want to reuse the yeast.

My plan is to make a 1qt starter from DME, pitch the yeast and and keep it in a growler with an airlock  at around 64 F until I am ready to brew.

I know that there are all kinds of ways to harvest yeast, but would like to keep it as simple as possible.
Any reason that this won't work ?
What's the longest amount of time that I can store yeast like this without losing viability?



I think this is what you're saying but just save some of the slurry in a sanitized jar.  Then make a starter using a few tablespoons of the slurry the week before your ready to brew.  That will work fine.  You wouldn't want to make the starter and then let it sit for a month without adding a little fresh wort to wake things up.

tygo's plan is a good one. FWIW I store slurries in jars in the fridge and have built them back up after more than a year. Also, using an airlock on a starter reduces the amount of yeast you can grow.

Agree....I just put some sanitized aluminum foil on the top of my flask and that works great.

Boston Brewer:
Thanks for the ideas. For what it's worth, I ended up funneling some slurry into a sanitized beer bottle, capped it and tossed it in the  fridge. A week or so  before I brew, I'll take it out, get it up to room temp and add it to a starter. If I get action by the time I brew, I'll use it, otherwise, I'll just pitch some fresh yeast.

We'll see how that works out.



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