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Good Old Ales / Barley Wines?

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This is a beer style that is somewhat new to me, but I've found that I really enjoy it (and would like to explore it more). Any good recommendations, and do you know of any that are aged in wood before bottling? Thanks much!

I suppose that if you want to sample some, get a bottle of fullers vintage, thomas Hardy's, and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot.
That would cover Old Ale, English BW and American BW.
From there pick what style/flavor profile you like best, then refer to Brewing Classic Styles for a good recipe starting point.
As far as oak is concerned, I would skip it at first, or do an experiment - make a big batch and split it, half being oaked and half unoaked.   It's a great way to see the differences it brings.

Great suggestions! Thanks!

I just tried Dogfish Head's Olde School and it is amazing.  It is a barley wine at 15% but don't be afraid.  It is dangerously drinkable at 15% with aromas of brown fruits (like figs and raisins).  Delicious  ::)

Southern Tier's Back Burner is pretty tasty too.


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