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Magnetic VS Peristaltic

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Through indecision, I happen to have both. I know the magnetic is more popular, but I think it's more due to cost. So, I'm soliciting opinions. If you could have either - and cost is not the deciding factor which route would you go?


I dont know enough about peristaltics. Do you need special hose? What volume can they pump? Where'd ya get it?
Thanks, Tom

The peristaltic can go up to 2.3 litres per minute.It's a Cole-Parmer Masterflex - off ebay for less than the cost of a March pump. So it's slower, but can prime itself and even sit on a shelf above all the kettles.The tubing isn't much worse than others options. You would use silicone, or Tygon. It's variable speed, I can also use it for racking wine and stuff if I really wanted to.

The magnetic pumps I grabbed do about 5 gpm and can take water up to just below boiling, so I wouldn't use it to pump finished wort. They were new, and a really good deal, so now I have a decision to make. 2 of these pumps came out less than a March Pump.

Before you say it, yes I have spent more than the cost of a March pump by now.  ::)
I liked the self priming aspect of the perstaltic - the cheap mag drives are half the cost of the peristaltic.
I will either resell the pumps I don't use - or put together another system and list it on craigslist.


While I'm really happy with my March, the self priming of a peristaltic is a real plus AFAIAC.

When I was looking at pumps I couldn't see why peristaltic pumps wern't used.  I looked at the flow rates that you wanted to use with brewing on a home scale basis and it seemed to me that the March pumps were always throttled back, either thru valves, tubing size or lift.  The slower flow rates made more sense to me for a homebrew application.

That said the March pumps certainly have been successful in the homebrew application.



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