Author Topic: Mike McDole...Brew System...Recipes?  (Read 9560 times)

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Re: Mike McDole...Brew System...Recipes?
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2012, 11:15:04 AM »
One thing I'm unclear on..." I do a 30 minute whirlpool rest followed by a 15 minute knockout on beers that have flameout hops."  Am I to understand that after the 30 minute whirlpool rest, you add the flameout hops which you let stand for an additional 15 minutes?
No, you add the flameout hops at flameout.  Then you whirlpool, then you knockout, with the hops in the kettle the entire time.
Okay then, I thought "flameout" and "knockout" were the same thing?  What is "knockout"?
We often use flameout and knockout interchangeably, since flameout and initiation of chilling usually occur back to back, but I believe knockout actually refers to the chilling step, which would usually coincide with transferring the beer to the fermenter.