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Are any of these good examples of a Kolsch?  The reason I ask is that I see other beers by these brewers in a few of the stores so if any are good I'll ask if they have some brought in.

Goose Island Summertime, Alaska Summer Ale, Harpoon Summer Beer, New Holland Lucid, Shiner Kölsch

I've had Alaska Summer Ale (used it for a BJCP exam prep session).  It was quite good - a very suitable example of Kolsh, if I remember correctly.   

Of course thats the one brewery in the list I'm not sure I saw on the shelf here or not now.   ::)    :D  But thanks, I'll definitely look for it!   :)

The GI & NH examples are very good when they're fresh or on draught, as is the AK already mentioned. I'm not a fan of the Harpoon or Shiner versions, AAMOF... I think the Shiner version has been dropped from production? SA Fancy Lawnmower & Summit Kölsch are other good bottled examples available during season.  ;)

Cool... SA shouldn't be hard to get, I didn't know they made Kolsch. 

(I'm still tossed on their Noble Pils, I can't decide if I like it or not... it depends on my mood and what/if I've had anything to eat before it.   :-\  )


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