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Anybody use this?

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I've used this program in the past to build a recipe and I've always liked it, they've added tools so I think I'm going to start using it again.  I like that it calculates the calories too, just for the sake of curiosity.   8)

I have used it when I was at work and didn't have access to Promash.  It's pretty cool, but adding everything with drop-down menus seems a little difficult (to me anyway). 
I will say that it's a well-designed website. 

The only thing I don't like about it is with every addition you make it has to reload, so if you're using dialup internet it can be slow.   :(

My biggest complaint is that you can't see the potential extract or color of the grains until you add them to a recipe. So you can't make a quick estimation to get the gravity and/or color contribution you want; I generally have to revise the quantity at least once or twice. It is very well laid-out, slick and fast.

I tried that one, but I like this one better:  It doesn't have the reload delay, shows style guidelines as ranges, and has nice links to the BJCP style guideline descriptions.


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