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Preheated MLT strike water calcs

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I'm trying to nail down what my strike water temps need to be on my system to get my desired mash temp. I'm using the dreaded not blue 10 gallon gott MLT. Did my 1st AG brew following along "How to Brew", and it got me pretty close but surprisingly I don't find a graph for calculating strike temps for a preheated tun. I have beersmith, and there is a place to set mashtun temp, but I have no idea what to enter after I add 2 gallons of boiling water and let it rest 10 minutes per HTB. I kept good records, and know I lost 8 degrees after stirring in the mash and about 4 degrees over the 60 min sacc rest. Is it just a matter of repetition and getting to know my system or is there a chart somewhere I can use to get close? Should I skip the preheat and just use beersmith with a roomtemp mashtun setting?


Jimmy K:
Maybe you could paint it blue


--- Quote ---Maybe you could paint it blue
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Probably worth 5 points efficiency at least.

Jimmy K:
Seriously, though, the preheating is to avoid adjusting your temperatures. If you're heating your mash tun up in the 150 range, you shouldn't have to worry.

I usually calculate my mash temperature (using Brewzor on my phone) and then heat the strike water about 5 degrees warmer. I dump the water in, stir it, and I am always pretty close to what my strike water is supposed to be. Once it gets down to that temperature, I add my grain and mash as usual.

IMO, its easier to take heat away than add heat, so I prefer to have my strike water a couple degrees hot.


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