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what good podcasts are out there?

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I've subscribed to Basic Brewing Radio but unfortunately have listened to all them.  I'm looking for other channels that are worth while.  I made the mistake of just subscribing to another so called homebrew channel and found it to be annoying, lacking any information, and generally just worthless.  So if you could what other good podcasts are out there?!

If you have hick skin, The Sunday Session is informative, and entertaining. I love it, and am listening to them on my Droid, at work. But, flame suit on, I still wish they would lay off the cussing. Still a good show though. 

Brew Strong on the brewing network is the best. I have quite honestly learned more from them then any other way. Jamil Zainesheff and John Palmer host it. Check out iTunes and give me credit for turning you on to them!

And the last of the Brewing Network shows is Jamil Show:

I also enjoy the Basic Brewing podcasts and wait for each new one to come out.  I agree with the others about the podcasts on the Brewing Network.  Jamil has a lot of wonderful information in his podcasts.  I have not found others available on the Zune Marketplace yet.



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