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Joe Sr.:
I have a batch of pomegranate seeds from Costco noone wants to eat.

I also have a batch of Belgian blonde waiting to be kegged.

Anyone ever toss in pomegranates?  Any thoughts?

Go for it?

you won't get much if anything from just tossing in the seeds... I have a tree and I end up seeding it, put them in a blender with some OJ and blend the beejeezus out of it to extract the juice... you could do the same with a bit of water then either add it or boil it down to a syrup and add it.

Joe Sr.:
I must have a cup or more of these things.

It's Friday night, I might just toss them in and see.

Joe, how did the pomegranates go?  I got a bunch of pomegranates from Costco and am thinking about doing a mead with them.

Joe Sr.:
Just saw your post.  Notifications have been screwy for me all week.  I get them sometimes and other times not.

Anyway, I think I pretty much answered this on your post but the flavor was noticeable but subtle.  They also gave a little bit of color but again it was subtle.

I think you need some serious amounts of pomegranate to get any real flavor.


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