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So I have purchased a 70qt cooler on my journey to all grain.  My latest question has to do with grain depth and its effect on efficiency and clarity.  With dimensions of 17.75 by 36.5 by 17.3 is there an issue with doing a 5 gallon batch?  I have read that you need a depth of 4 inches to act as an effective filter.  Thanks yet once again.

I use a  58qt rectangular cooler and I've done many 5 gallon batches getting 75-80% efficiency and pretty good clarity. I've even made Pilsners that were fairly clear into the primary with my set-up. As long as your making beers in the 1.040ish and up, you should have good results with a 70 quart extreme.

I fly sparge, but it should be noted that grain bed depth really doesn't matter with a batch sparge.

I've never seen an actual depth stated, but 4" seems reasonable. When I do small beers I generally move to a bottling bucked with a copper coil.

Thanks for the info.  This forum is fantastic.  I have had so many questions answered and as a result feel prepared to take the all grain plunge.

Once you do it, you'll see that it's a LOT easier than it may sound now.


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