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Anyone tried the WLP860 Munich Helles?

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There was a very fresh tube at the LHBS this morning so I decided to give it a shot on a Maibock next week. Just wondering if anyone has any notes they'd like to share.

How did your Maibock turn out?  Anyone else use this yeast?  I just picked up a vial myself but haven't used it yet.

I have some free yeast coupons laying around so I may have to check it out.

I think it was a platinum strain last year.  I found it to be very similar to the other lager yeasts such as 838, 830, 800...definitely fine, but not worth paying a lot extra for it.  If priced the same, give it a try.

I had a taste of a Czech Pils that Jeffy brewed last year with 860. It was a lot more malty than mine brewed with the PU yeast. 860 has lower attentuation, so I am using that this year.


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