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cream a stout whats the process

Well, to make a cream stout, you'd add lactose (milk sugar) to the boil.  Lactose isn't fermentable by yeast and will thus leave more body - a 'creamy' mouthfeel.
If you had the proper dispensing system, you could 'cream' your stout.  Nitro taps are used to create smaller bubbles/less CO2 and thus create a 'creamy' head.

so, exactly what are you referring to?

i was just wonder because i have never done one before and i am working on a competition beer and i want it to be a cream stout and just didnt know how

As was said, a Cream Stout is a stout with lactose (aka a sweet stout). See

I personally do not like sweet stouts so I don't have a recipe, maybe someone else will chime in. Basically though, make a 1.050-1.060 stout and add about 1/2 lb of lactose per 5 gallons of beer. For a relatively accessible example try Mackson's Sweet Stout  (yuck!) ;)

Fred Bonjour has a recipe at his site (great compilation of recipes)

Also, check out Brewing Classic Styles.


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