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stainless steel tubing


does anyone know where i can buy 1/2 od stainless steel tubing for a wort chiller? thanks todd

1/2" S/S would be a bear to coil unless you have a tube bender.  In addition, you would have better heat transfer with brass.

Go here and get3/8" or 1/2" refrigeration tubing.  You can bend it by wrapping it around a corny keg or other appropriately-sized cylinder.

Why would you want to go with stainless?  As realbeerguy indicated, stainless doesn't conduct heat very well and the whole point of the wort chiller it to cool as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Thats one of the reasons most good kettles have an aluminum disk sandwiched between layers of stainless steel in the bottom of the kettle.


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